Evolve your makeup artistry and application skills while learning to implement the necessary systematic techniques and strategies that will always deliver a flawless face


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The Art of Mastering Your Own Face

Have the power in your own hands to ALWAYS look your best. Learn the fundamental knowledge skills, and techniques needed to master your own makeup!

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MUA Mastery

An extensive training designed for artists who are ready to take their artistry to the next level. You will be equipped with my latest techniques and knowledge while I guide you to improve your skills and confidence to reach your maximum potential!

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"I started this course during quarantine.. at a time where none of us were feeling our best. In order to lift people's spirits, I wanted to make them feel their prettiest and absolute best from home. The course was supposed to be a one-time thing for me, but here I am, 5 courses later, with a passion I never imagined. These courses have revealed to me that I have a passion for sharing knowledge and educating others. When you see that you have had a positive impact on someone's life, there is simply nothing more rewarding."


  • Keeping makeup for too long

  • Skipping out on skin care

  • Purchasing the wrong skin care 

  • Not prepping your skin properly for makeup

  • Not cleaning your brushes

  • Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

  • Color matching on the wrong areas

  • Choosing the wrong complexion shades 

  • Flash back in photos 

  • Foundation looking patchy

  • Concealer creasing or cracking

  • Not blending face and neck

  • Makeup looking powdery or cakey

  • Not being able to cover up blemishes

  • Not setting your concealer

  • Dark circles still showing

  • Applying too much bronzer or contour

  • Contouring not contouring you

  • Bronzer looking muddy

  • Incorrect blush placement

  • Applying too much blush

  • Poorly blended makeup

  • Not setting your face properly

  • Wearing the wrong color on your brows

  • Filling in your eyebrows too dark

  • Using too much eyeshadow

  • Eyeshadow appearing muddy

  • Not blending eyeshadow properly

  • Eye makeup running throughout the day

  • Using the wrong eyeliner

  • Messy wing

  • Creating droopy instead of lifted eyes

  • Choosing the wrong lash for your eyes shape

  • Incorrect eyelash application

  • Gap between wing and lashes

  • Eyelashes not sticking to your inner corners

  • Lipstick application that makes your makeup look worse instead of better

  • Wearing lip liner the wrong way

  • Highlighting the wrong places

  • Highlight appears dry instead of wet/glowy

  • Makeup wearing off throughout the day

  • Makeup looking greasy after a few hours

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Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to take your artistry to the next level. At your own pace from the comfort of your own home!

Live Virtual Workshop + Q&A

Want more? Get the chance to apply everything you've learned from the course as Jisel walks you through creating the perfect makeup look. You'll get the chance to ask all of your questions LIVE!

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Hands-On Workshop

Apply for a chance to demonstrate everything you've learned from the course IN PERSON. Jisel will guide you through your makeup application while refining and perfecting your skills even further.

*Online course completion is required

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